Why We’re Having These Conversations

When it comes to protecting our children, certain conversations are easy and even natural to have. “Stranger Danger” is a term we all know. What is much harder to address are the dangers that could be lurking from those around us whom our children love. Did you know that 95 percent of molested children know their molesters? This is just one of many staggering statistics we are fighting everyday. So, how do we raise awareness in our children (and ourselves) to help them avoid harm without teaching them to fear everyone and anyone around them?

Our goal together is to help you empower your children to take ownership over their own hearts and bodies and raise their awareness and ability to protect themselves against anyone who tries to harm them. The Proactive Parent Guide will answer your many questions and address the critical points in the battle to keep your child’s body—and most importantly, heart—protected from sexual assault. Coupled with the Proactive Parent Guide, the SAFE Hearts series of storybooks and educational materials will give you the opportunity to have the essential kid-versations with your children that count before they are counted among the statistics.